The Allegheny Ukes periodically conducts ukulele workshops for the public. Workshops are promoted on ours and others' calendars. Workshops usually have a nominal fee to cover materials, space rental, etc. 

Ukulele Crash Course: No Helmet Required!

A group lesson for beginners! This workshop lasts about an hour and teaches participants the fundamentals of playing the ukulele.  Participants will learn some history, proper playing position, basic strums, and a few chords. The goal is to give players what they need to get started on their ukulele journeys. No previous musical experience required; we can provide ukuleles for those who need one. This workshop can be geared toward both kids and adults. 

 Beyond The Basics

A group program for beginning players looking to take their playing to the next level. This is a 4-session workshop which builds on topics covered in the Ukulele Crash Course. Over the course of the program, participants learn more about the fretboard, chord inversions, strumming patterns, basic music theory, and some basic fingerpicking techniques. This workshop is meant for players 12 & older who have been playing for at least several months. Some prior musical experience is helpful, but not required. Participants should bring their own ukulele. 

Upcoming Workshops

06/09/2024, 4:00pm - 4:30pm